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Onze Cultuur

Who are we?

At Oliver James Associates, our people are our strength. They give us the competitive edge and are key to securing and maintaining all of our partnerships. We provide a work culture, where our current leaders of tomorrow understand that a team is made of individuals with unique strengths, committed to achieving one shared vision. The journey is supported by our investment in a range of innovative tools, and the creation of a flexible work environment. Both provide a fun, progressive environment where we can all perform excellently.

We ensure that our value is demonstrated in all our activities and we reward our employees with progression where these values ​​​​are clear and applied. We are also passionate about supporting our clients and candidates, challenging ourselves to constantly improve ourselves, for the good of every connection we make.

Our vision

To be the most valued and essential recruiting partner worldwide.

Our mission

Provide excellent recruiting solutions to local and international financial services, professional services, and trade and industry partners, while enhancing the careers of our candidates.

Our Values

Oliver James Associates' philosophy is one of global distinction, underpinned by six core values: innovation, passion, adaptability, partnership, respect and excellence. Watch our Vision and Values ​​video to learn how you can benefit from this approach.

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I joined OJ just over 10 years ago and there are always new things to learn and experience. OJ provides a platform of opportunities where anyone can grow, develop, and achieve their aspirations. The support, people and culture are truly unmatched!

Elaine Wong, Business Operations Manager

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DE&I)

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Our focus will always be on making people feel they matter above all else, accelerating careers, choices, and prosperity. Whether you work at, or with OJ, DE&I will always be at the center of everything we do. By listening, learning, and improving in all areas of DE&I, we can ensure we live up continuously to our company values ​​and drive positive change across Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Wellness and Well-being. It is our aim to further support clients and partners on their own DE&I journey, and that as a business, we are providing an environment where all our differences are celebrated and where anyone can prosper without challenge.